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Moov Now

A package re-design project.

MOOV Now was an academic project that spanned from 2-3 months. During the length of that project, challenges presented themselves that we overcome to see the project to completion. The project was to develop a rebranding package, including a POP display, to re-launch a pre-existing product.

One of the largest challenges that we faced, in a package design context, was to make the shape of the container match the design elements of the primary product. The primary product, the MOOV Now fitness tracker, contains a series of circular patterns in its design. Our clients, who also happened to be our teachers, were seeking a very specific shape for our design. We conducted a lot of research to obtain a better sense of where to navigate in the design process. We eventually achieved a design with structural integrity and whimsical expressiveness.

We also had a group member who experienced a family emergency midway through the project's development. We split up the remainder of her work into portions for each of us to tackle. Google docs were a big component of our success as a group. We were able to communicate and share files to make the design process fluid and efficient.

Pop display. 

Interior compartment. 

Product package. 

Process work. 

Feature 3

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A package re-design project. Group project (3 Industrial Designers, 1 Graphic designer [me])